Taiwan based unisex and seasonless shoe brand
established at the end of 2011 by the designer (Joi) Xin-Yu Weng.
The name is from the sex-determination system, XX/XY sex chromosomes.
An Endemic Species born of a new unisex era, response to the evolution
of the world first 24 asexual chromosome-WXY
WXY is born under the basic concept idea by ”Reverence For Life”
Giving thanks to the creator for all the natural beauty gifts given to us on the planet.
But WXY is not marketed as “green “
WXY preoccupied reflect society issue with inventing new forms
and methods of expression by combining the traditional and
the radical materials and footwear construction methods into our unique aesthetic vision.
All the ideas for collections were to get back to a simple base,
the issue surrounding us in real life, 
The collection all inspired by various global problems,
Form the environment and society.
Who will you be?

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